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Fulkerson asked -  home-garden - 3 hours ago
hostilewitnessYou need to clean the mold off first with a bleach/water solution, then install copper flashing. It will then kill and prevent mold/algae.
My husband and I are having a dispute about mold growing in the toilet. It "gunks" up under the top of the toilet bowl rim and in the bottom of the to... More details »
ktymen asked -  home-garden - 4 hours ago
mrjohnwayneIt is a type of mold all right. I usually put a cup of bleach in the tank once a month and let it sit an hour and then flush it out. Flush it a few times as the bleach isn't good for the parts. Then a... Read more »
I am decorating my house, I heard that LED downlight is known as green energy, soft light, and compact size? I went to some shopping online to search ... More details »
davidsmith001 asked -  home-garden - 7 hours ago
shafayat1004You have joined Earth Hour i see...Same here....:)
danyalsher asked -  home-garden - 8 hours ago
davidx6Usually they hear the Jaws music first, then the shark attacks.
my television have bought ten years ago, and now the kids want to watch movies on network television
johnjim asked -  home-garden - 8 hours ago
lagirlyApple Tv is a good way to go also Roku is another option, be mindful that most programming will require a cable service to link the 'Apps' for instance you wont be able to watch HBO unless you pay for... Read more »
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