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this is for my homework, I just want to know the number of tourist in coco beach (Philippines) in recent year or in 2014.
stephanieong7991 asked -  places-travel - 23 minutes ago
gerarddTourist in coco beach probably account for 65 % in the peak season 75 to 80 % . This is just an educated guess though. If i were going to turn this in as homework i would research a little more. Then ... Read more »
Hi everyone! Im back! Tomorrow is a big day for Atlanta! I need some answers for this question if u would take the time to answer then u get a followe... More details »
shortcake0 asked -  places-travel - 5 hours ago
janesky25It depends on like what you like to wear, and what the weather is like. I would wear jeans and a T-shirt, but maybe you want to wear a nice dress or like shorts and a tank top depends on how cold/hot ... Read more »
I have a friend deploying and I would LOVE to throw him an amazing random secret location type of party where I invite all his friends to show up and ... More details »
SammyMeussner asked -  places-travel - 6 hours ago
gatorbluFor the record abandoned places are usually not unwatched and you can end up being arrested for trespassing. That is not what you want for some who is being deployed.
It seems like every time I drive into a large city(skyscraper wise), I'm always getting honked at, flipped off for no reason, cut off, etc. But it's n... More details »
PianoGeek1992 asked -  places-travel - 7 hours ago
gunnyceeOne thing I've noticed about big Northern city folks is that they are really just local yokels just like folks in the country. In fact, they are more local than the country folk. If you ask in the Br... Read more »
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