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went to an anime convention and a guy told me that there is a website were this guy and girl can make you some prescribed contacts that you want to be... More details »
ajeezy95 asked -  shopping - 1 hour ago
ghyblysmomYou can search 'fashion contact lenses'. Seriously? You're willing to put something in your eyes that 'this guy and girl' can make for you? Read more »
Grace_S asked -  shopping - 1 hour ago
ai262Yeah, I looked it up. Here:
Grace_S asked -  shopping - 2 hours ago
Answer this...
glasses model, name, brand . . . .
Donghun asked -  shopping - 3 hours ago
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I want to get a prepaid debit card soon and want to know if Walgreens sell them. Also can a minor but one and also add money to it?
mariahgreen56 asked -  shopping - 3 hours ago
labtechgirlThe Walgreens by me sells them. I'm not sure about the rules regarding minors buying them and adding money to them. Go to Walgreens or any place that sells them and ask the sale associate if a minor c... Read more »
WyattPfister asked -  shopping - 4 hours ago
gatorbluI would think that would depend on how worn. If they don't contact the manufacturer and see of they will send a replacement.
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