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stevebenoit asked -  sports-recreation - 2 hours ago
tractortugYes. Shooting out of a vehicle is a crime in every state. Matter of fact, shooting within (depending on the state the amount varies) XX feet of a roadway is a crime too.
I have a house on a pretty large lake that has pretty muddy water in a hot area. I am hoping to catch any type of bass.
jackhjewellius asked -  sports-recreation - 3 hours ago
doc1887I have always used live bait.Bass love crayfish and nightcrawlers.You can get get both as lures...but the real ones work best.
kingzeus9999 asked -  sports-recreation - 4 hours ago
labtechgirlCheck Ebay to see what similar items are selling for. That will give you a clue. Otherwise, if there is a collector near you, you could check with them.
eboy0024 asked -  sports-recreation - 5 hours ago
return-of-kokinawIt probably has reverse threads, just screw it back on to the post counterclockwise. You may be missing a small nut that goes on the opposite side depending on the model.
Did you mean?