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I'm a 13 yr. old boy and I really love soccer, but i don't kick very hard and I'm not accurate, what are some ways to improve my power and accuracy?
puncake asked -  sports-recreation - 1 hour ago
gerarddDont kick the ball follow through it drive it where you want it to go dont just hit it. Are you understanding what I'm trying to stumble over here
cockerspaniel asked -  sports-recreation - 6 hours ago
ravenevanLook for a boxing club. There are amature boxing clubs in many towns. It might be free if they agree to let you join. They could be small clubs and difficult to find so you might have to ask around.
Basically does ball revolution (when you flick your wrist) play a big part on whether or not your shot is going in? I was watching Sports Science and ... More details »
MarkXD asked -  sports-recreation - 8 hours ago
desertpilotThe rotation of the basketball would have the same effect, but to a lesser degree, as that of a baseball when pitched. It is the fast spinning motion on the baseball that makes it curve. As the ball... Read more »
im a defenceman 5,4" 110 lbs bantam!
Scottyhockey18 asked -  sports-recreation - 10 hours ago
Answer this...
freedomspirit7 asked -  sports-recreation - 10 hours ago
littlehorseThey are both hockey teams I despise. Go Devils!
Did you mean?