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I get the impression that this is the weapon Paul Kersey would have used to light his camp fire or a cigarette. Am I wrong?Any takers?
PhilipLalka asked -  sports-recreation - 47 minutes ago
PriscillaNunez asked -  sports-recreation - 6 hours ago
rhonda12123THIS is Toooooo Funny. We just got home from that game. So sad for our Rockets. otherwise I don't know. we ain't lookin good
TopherManuel asked -  sports-recreation - 8 hours ago
triggerhappyxxDid you check to see if they require rejetting ? I would do it no matter what but that is me.
I'm writing an essay on my future career.It's a career research project.( I'm in10th grade so it's not the senior project) I'm doing basketball scout... More details »
RayRude asked -  sports-recreation - 8 hours ago
anthav1308scouts are a big part of a lot of the players making it to the nba..jordan and lebron. made it through raw talent...and college ball. but then even colleges have scouts ...but they are more of a impac... Read more »
I live in Pittsburgh where we can't view ECHL Hockey live on TV. I was wondering if there would be an online stream for free to specifically view the ... More details »
WWEKaner88 asked -  sports-recreation - 9 hours ago
aleeecUmm try or Pandora
Did you mean?