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the exact year
tylertwo111 asked -  sports-recreation - 52 minutes ago
So I was watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and I noticed the scene where Alice (Milla Jovovich) runs down the side of a building with a rope. so I w... More details »
DanLexWayward asked -  sports-recreation - 1 hour ago
hostilewitnessOnly if you could run faster than you would fall (you can't).
I remember when she competed at the 2003 US Open at Pumpkin Ridge that there was a mention of her attending a Pac-12 school. I have tried to research... More details »
MKHill asked -  sports-recreation - 1 hour ago
mzblanche4uI don't know if Ms. Kim attended a Pac-12 school, or not. However, according to her wikipedia page, she has co-written a book called, "Swinging From My Heels, Confessions of an LPGA Star." Perhaps h... Read more »
chipraynor8 asked -  sports-recreation - 2 hours ago
smyelzzGive it 110% percent NO DRUGS/STEROIDS!!!   Just remember If it doesn't work out then something else will! You have 100% chance of failing if you don't try! My daughter wanted to play soccer but it ju... Read more »
I need to know how to sharpen them, without harming them.
Etrim asked -  sports-recreation - 4 hours ago
cowboyandgamerthey have little sharpening sticks, kinda like the ones you see in a kitchen, you can look them up on Google.
Did you mean?