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kit5391 asked -  building-construction - 15 minutes ago
tractortugFor a sole, or for a home? Unusual to find in a home.  For boat use (I guess you could use it in a home as well) they sell 4x8 or 4x10 sheets of 1/4' ply, with teak and holly glued to it. You co... Read more »
grgnyce asked -  building-construction - 46 minutes ago
louisjollietYou have to read the restrictions regarding this easement in your deed.  You probably shouldn't since the agency/entity for which the easement is being set aside for can remove any intrusions without ... Read more »
IF an egg is in a box made by 2 By 4's is the egg going to break?
shaneplooster asked -  building-construction - 1 hour ago
quester2011A chunk of wood is strong, yes, and won't normally shatter. However, whatever you use to connect the wood to make a box (nails, screws, glue) WILL probably give way.  The egg will break, yes. Why? Thi... Read more »
keep the truck stocked to what the inventory should be on the truck. Also what do you do if your tech writes down a part that is not in inventory but ... More details »
calliesd asked -  building-construction - 2 hours ago
I'm doing a project in algebra class and I'd like to use a broken satellite dish because of the parabolic shape.
CadeWolf asked -  building-construction - 4 hours ago
mrjohnwayneA lot of places like Dish Network just have old ones laying around and I'm sure they wouldn't mind getting rid of one. Or you could look at empty house as usually the Dish is left when people move out... Read more »
SF business rental market
KaiMorrison asked -  building-construction - 4 hours ago
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