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February 2012
hi! I'm bubbles the fish! you can call me bubbles for short if you want. I'm 15 and live in Texas. I would greatly appreciate it If you would follow me. if you follow me I follow you! my peeps who are following me thanks! my hall of fame would be: Drpepperluv, blueberrymuffingirl, cassyceide, btw don't be sad if you aren't in the hall of fame. you are! I'm just giving a few. let's get on to the job section. I volunteer with an animal association that helps the endangered species. for example, the cheetah. I also work at subway. sounds a little bit weird but I luv it!!!!!! again I would really appreciate it if you would follow me. I may seem a little desperate, but that's ok! everybody's a little desperate! so now you know who I am! remember, if you have a question that you really want to know, ask the bubbles master! btw I have a fish named bubbles! Lolz! again, any questions, like any topic, always go straight for the bubbles master!!! we want everybody to be answered, not confused! no fear, bubbles is here! =)
  • animals
  • bikes
  • cars
  • finance
  • fish
  • Michael Jackson
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  • brazil
  • California
  • Ireland
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • new jersey
  • new york
  • Texas
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • doctor who
  • glee
  • thriller- michael Jackson
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