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Sky Harden
edgewood nm
Ask Member Since:
February 2012
I am pretty simple I am homeschooled and always have a question to ask. I can talk your ear off if you let me. I like so many things i cannot count and I am always there if anybody needs me. I like to wear cosmetics and appropriate clothing. I love god. I love my life and I ride my bike everyday it is pink and black and has butterflies on it. I got my bike on It was fun when I first got it but it had a few problems so fixed those :) I also have a scooter its a jack knife scooter but I hardly ever ride it and sometimes I got bored of it. I walk sometimes when i am not in the mood to ride. I love texting on my new cell phone and my first to be exact i know about 12 people so far on my contact list including family
  • a series of unfortunate events (book)
  • angels
  • anything awesome!
  • anything cool
  • art
  • art/drawing/etc...
  • being bored
  • being loved
  • being safe
  • bunnies
  • butterflies
  • cellular phones
  • clothing
  • cosmetics
  • crap
  • dead flowers
  • dogs & cats
  • drawing pictures is my hobby :)
  • evanescence (band)
  • evanescence albums
  • exotic birds
  • fairy paintings
  • fairy sculptures and drawings
  • flowers
  • gir
  • goth fairies and angels
  • goth tinkerbell
  • graphic t shirts
  • happyface pics
  • haveing fun XD
  • heart pictures
  • invader zim
  • jokes comebacks etc :)
  • knowing where i stand
  • life
  • my connections and Q&A
  • my friends on
  • nail polish
  • people with awesome profile pics
  • piglet
  • rabbit
  • sadface pictures
  • sleeping in
  • tigger
  • tinkerbell
  • verizon wireless cell phones
  • video games
  • winnie the pooh
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • albuquerque nm
  • wild waves amusement park
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • angel beats!
  • charlie's angels
  • chobits
  • corpse princess shikabane hime
  • evanescence
  • fairy drawings
  • fairy pictures
  • flyleaf
  • hannah montana the movie
  • invader zim
  • ipod shuffle
  • paramore
  • psp xbox wii ps3 etc
  • the last song
  • the last unicorn
  • wings by aprillynne pike (book)
  • winnie the pooh