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February 2012
Im pretty crazy and loud! I love making people laugh and im a beast when it comes to advise! oh, and im 17 :) shoot me an email sometime! :) i love to cuddle <3 my quote: tough times never last but tough people do. I live by this. if youre looking for a hoe, sorry wrong profile. Cause im deffinetly not one. I care for people, even when they dont care about themselves. Even if i barely know you ill do anything to help you through what's going on in youre life. Everyone is beautiful and dont ever look low on yourself. <3 i always listen to everything people say, so you will never waste your breath on me. I broke my knuckles on my ex-boyfriends face cause he cheated on me, that should give you a hint on how i feel about cheaters :)
  • 4 wheelin!
  • always smiling even if somthngs wrong
  • fishing!
  • follow me on instagram! Bailey Thoma
  • Follow me on twitter @ThomaBailey
  • i cant stand bullies/abusers
  • i CANT STAND selfish people..
  • i have trust issues..
  • I love hockey(:
  • i love road trips <3
  • I love sports not matter what it is ill watch it
  • I love to dance..BIG TIME ;)
  • i love to fight..yes i can fight :)
  • i love to party :D
  • I love to sing really loud! :)
  • i play rugby(;
  • im 17
  • Im a model LOVE IT :)
  • im an outdoors kinda girl
  • im pretty freaking weird..normals boring <3
  • im protective
  • im the best cuddler in the world no joke :)
  • mudding :)
  • music is my evrythng im lost without it
  • is my email(:
  • rugby is amazing(:
  • samanthabrooke is my sis follow her too :)
  • soccer=life disagree? that sucks :)
  • talking about dino's makes me laugh :)
  • UNICORNS do exist and they are yellow <3
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • oklahoma texas and florida
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • ADTR
  • american dad :D
  • death cab for cutie <33
  • dubstep <3
  • excision
  • family guy <3
  • I listen to everything and anything
  • Kesha
  • modern family :)
  • relient k :)
  • screw mainstream music!
  • The big bang theory(:
  • touch