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March 2012

uh, please follow me!!! I am a crazy romance loving girl. merp I'm so weird. I adore Taylor Swift, and I love the tv series, Friends. I'm 16, and love to play guitar. I have a boyfriend, the reason i know alot about "love questions" is cuz I've been in, like, a thousand relationships.
my best friend on ask, is askhails whos really nice! my sister is on ask and she's newyorkfashion. My natural hair color is light brown, but it makes ME look bad. so I tried out red hair, . I have baby adopted, little, adorable, sister who's from China, so I kinda know chinese..I take french, so I know that. I am, like, addicted to lipgloss, but i never tasted one before! My favorite books of all time are "The Princess Diaries" series. I want to become a popstar when i grow up.. Please......FOLLOW ME!!!! and I'll follow you right back,swear. FOLLOW ME!!! hi...
  • acting
  • basketball
  • boys as in..boyfriends
  • cheerleading
  • going to guitar center every week!!!
  • guitar
  • living
  • making youtube videos
  • modeling
  • music
  • singing
  • soccer
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • China
  • LA
  • las vegas nv
  • Minnesota
  • new york ny
  • paris france
  • places
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • 2nd fav couple: Rachel and Finn!
  • beastly
  • britney spears
  • brittany in glee
  • Buffy the vampire slayer
  • chris colfer
  • Cory Monteith
  • cory monteith:cutest guy ever!
  • darren criss
  • david schwimmer
  • did i mention taylor swift?
  • family guy
  • favorite couple: Rachel and Ross!
  • forest gump
  • Friends
  • glee cast
  • glee!!!!!!
  • hall pass
  • harcore pawn
  • hmm...did i happen to say taylor swift?
  • how about taylor swift?
  • impractical jokers
  • jane eyre
  • jennifer aniston
  • my wife and kids
  • operation repo
  • porn shows
  • rachel berry or lea michele
  • sex and the city
  • Tay...Lor Swi..ft.
  • Taylor Alison Swift
  • taylor swift
  • taylor swift albums
  • Taylor swift!!!
  • taylor swift!!!!
  • Taylor Swift...
  • the ellen show
  • the girl with the dragon tattoo
  • the princess diaries as in the book.
  • the sex pistols
  • worlds' dumbest...