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April 2012
Peace love happiness is the way to go in life not violence what is violence? Violence is for cruel sick and lowlife's who don't know how to use their words the right way and don't know how to deal with their problem's the right way. I'm down to answer whatever question you ask even if it's the most ridiculous question ever. What is money? money is the one of the list of routes to a lot of evil and cruelness money makes a man too pridefully of himself at first but then he ends up doing drugs and dies. what are friends? friends are people who want to watch your back in life for any way of you falling into a trap of evil and who want to lookout for you. What is life? life is like us trying to climb a mountain that doesn't ever stop but there's avalanches rocks with skpies that fall down which is evil stuff taken over you but if you try to keep on climbing it and doing stuff that's good for you and others like trying to persuade us and help us think of ways to make to feel confident in ourselves then the higher we go and if we trust in the lord Jesus Christ as our personal lord and savior. What is god in my opinion? he's a great,excellent perfmost incest sweetest most powerful thing ever in a place called heaven which is a perfect place god died for our sins so we'd go there when we die! God bless you all! I love god no matter what!
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • Alexandria VA
  • Boston
  • bush gardens
  • Deep creak lake Maryland
  • Disney world
  • Florida
  • kings dominion
  • New York
  • pennsylvania
  • six flags america
  • the Bahamas
  • universal studios
  • Wisconsin
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • beastly boys
  • Chris brown
  • Cory guns
  • Crank
  • Crank 2 high voltage
  • Dance of the dead
  • disturbed
  • dope
  • eminem
  • Gamebox1.0
  • Gamer
  • green day
  • heltah skeltah
  • hoobastank
  • Inception
  • jay-z
  • Johnny mnemonic
  • lil Wayne
  • Mission impossible ghost patrol
  • movies crank 2 high voltage
  • papa roach
  • Rockness monstah
  • Ruste juxx
  • speed and only the first one
  • The avengers
  • The dark knight
  • the kings
  • transformers 1.2 and 3
  • xzibit
  • zombie land
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