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July 2012
Sup hombres guess im not usually a shy dude and i know tht we aint in high school no more its just a little somethng that i wrote (a love letter just a little love letter) saying hey girl i know u dont know me but maybe we can chill sometime drink a little wine youll find all you needs rite in front of your eyes got me saying hey girl i know u dont know me and i bet u get this all the time but i cant lie everytime u leave i wanna press letter by shwayze look it up since this is a brief description i love sports guys who play sports i dislike playing sports but love watching, ice cream takes me to my happy place my fav sport is basketball my team,lakers my team for football obviously raiders im a freshman 14 weither im single or not doesn't matter my email is.............should i should i really ugggh ok wat the hell is not like ppl are actually gonna email me.........rite anyways i dont know why ur still reading im already falling asleep writting thiiis ugggrghhrbghhrghhruuu (snoring) theres a little hint for those of you who did not catch on have a nice day hope i give good advice......who am i kidding i give flippin awesome advice WAAAT!!!!! XD oh yeah and one more thing I AM NOT SEXY i have way more to my personality than that and if you call me sexy i will hate you forever i hate that word its so degrading