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April 2011
I don't live in cattle country, although I love steak. I don't live in tornado land because I'm chicken. I don't like humidity so, I chose the dirt and cactus of Arizona. Hot but, nice and dry most of the time. For entertainment I watch the lizards walk on stilts to keep from burning their bellies in the hot sand. I am funny, nutty, and serious. I am happily married to a wonderful man and we have a son. I have a chihuahua that minds better than some kids do and he never asks for anything but love.
50% of the q's ask here requires an answer that I have seen or been through so, yeap, I know the answer.
30% of the q's I'm not positive of, I use MY time on the enternet looking it up to give a correct answer. My answers are truthful. I get them from and/or copy and past from the enternet.
10% of the questions are answered with good old common sense.
The other 10% of the time I make an uneducated guess on answers like some here often do.
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