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July 2012
'Iya, Ma name is Katie. I am... Young. All you need to know ;D Anyway thats me in my display picture. I like heavy metal music.. Like Enter Shikari, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden, My Chemical Romance, Korn, Metallica, bit of Coheed and Cambria..ect ect. (Favorite band is Sleeping With Sirens) I wear a lot of T-shirts with band names on em, they rock ;3 I skateboard and ride ma bike when its actually sunny.. British weather isn't bright. I also like trampolining.. doin flips, which I am ace at front and backflips ;)

Anyway I like green thumbing people, if you see an answer on a question you ask that is from me and its not on topic it might be because my phone messes up so ignore thaaat :) Anyway, if you leave a comment I do reply.. Usually ;) And stalk me guys, follow meh! I shall follow you back if you're lucky ;3 Happy Askin
  • Bike Riding
  • Books
  • Creative Writing
  • DIY
  • Food
  • Friends
  • Hiking and Camping
  • Mobile Apps
  • Music
  • Online Games
  • Relationships
  • Sport
  • Teen Fashion
  • Trampolining (Forward & Backflips)
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • Germany
  • Turky
  • Wales (UK)
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Bullet For My Valentine
  • Coheed And Cambria
  • Enter Shikari
  • Evanescence
  • I dont watch TV or many films
  • Iron Maiden
  • Linkin Park
  • Metallica
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Papa Roach
  • Sleeping With Sirens