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Lucama NC
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April 2011
I am at home every day as I am disabled with fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, and a broken now frozen shoulder (basically just chronic pain all over). I grew up riding horses which continued into my early 40's until it became too painful, and have now turned my love for animals towards lizards, which I discovered 13 yrs ago thru my 2-yr-old daughter. I have had as many as 45 or so at once, when one of my bearded dragons accidentally laid a clutch of 29 eggs. I now have 10 lizards in all: 7 bearded dragons and 3 Mali Uromastyx, and a yellow bellied slider turtle. My lizards are my babies and I've become something of an expert after over 12 years of giving them all my love and attention. There's nothing I wouldn't do for any one if them and I am totally smitten with lizards now (thank u Jessy for giving me this chance!). I spend my whole days with them since I'm home with them every day. They all have their own special little personalities and quirks and I can't imagine life without them. Altho I'm older now I'm still something of a punk rocker and still love the Cure (my idol is Robert Smith) and the Sex Pistols as well as more modern bands like Muse. I also love Adam Lambert and Kevin Max (formerly of the Christian band DC Talk). I've never heard a voice as unique as his with its incredible vibrato and I love the Middle Eastern flair he brings to lots of his music.
  • lizards (bearded dragons Uromastyx etc)
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  • NC (Raleigh Burlington Wilson Atlantic Beach
  • New York City Orlando FL Dallas Nashville
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  • alternative (the Cure Muse) paranormal TV/movies