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Mariah Roberts
ZIP Code:
Leland IA
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November 2012
Hi, my name is Mariah. I am 16 and I'm home schooled. My dad works from home and i have two younger siblings. The only pet i have is a cat names Luna, but i have owned some other animals in the past. The first pet i had was a fish (not that interesting), then i had sea monkeys, hermit crabs, and some lizards that i caught myself. I love hunting, fishing, drawing, horse riding, exploring, debating, hiking, reading, writing poetry, science, and studying and reading the Bible. My favorite color is red, i collect swords, daggers, and any form of medieval weaponry i can get my hands on. Yes, I am a girl, but i don't like pink or what ever it is girls are supposed to like. I want to be a missionary after i graduate. It has been my dream ever since i was 10 and even more since my mission trip to Ecuador last year! I also plan on incorporating micro biology into my mission work, i'm considering working in the cures department of a mission ship. I Have a bright red Ford Mustang and work at ShopKo. that's all for now.
  • archery
  • best beaches in florida
  • God
  • good books
  • guns
  • health problems
  • home schooling
  • hunting
  • proper diet
  • Science (especially biology)
  • the Bible
  • what it really is to be a Christian
  • writing poetry
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • (and many more places)
  • alabama
  • arkansas
  • Atlanta ga
  • chicago il
  • colorado
  • Colorado Springs
  • Ecuador
  • Florida
  • georgia
  • idaho
  • illinois
  • Leland IA(home)
  • louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • mississippi
  • nebraska
  • new mexico
  • north dakota
  • ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Panama
  • south dakota
  • Tenessee
  • tennessee
  • Texas
  • utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin dells
  • wyoming
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • all the narnia movies
  • Audio Adrenaline (band)
  • Avengers
  • Big Bang Theory
  • courageous
  • DC Talk (band)
  • Doctor Who
  • everybody loves raymond
  • Newsboys (band)
  • october baby
  • psych tv show
  • Rend Collective(band)
  • sherlock
  • Taken
  • Tenth avenue North (band)
  • the king of queens
  • thor