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January 2013
hi I'm Morgan. I'm 17. my mom left my dad when I was 2 and my brother was 4. when my brother was 16 and I was 14 my dad said he could go out with his friends. a few hours later and he wasn't home still. my dad called him but he didn't pick up. half an hour later we got a call from the police saying that he had gotten in a accident and he was the only one that died. to this day I can't talk about it without crying. we were enemies but I still loved him.three years later and my dad will never let me go out with friends and he cries every night. my father and I were not close when he was alive but now we have grown together quite a bit. life is hard without my brother. follow me I follow back. :) have a good day k bye:P ps I love llamas!!! :) and if you are wondering me and my cousin are my profile pic I'm not a mom:)
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