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March 2013
sorry my picture is all fuzzy SOMEPONY had to pixilate it... not going to point any hooves or ruffle any feathers.. but if you know my sister you know who did it. so I like minecraft witch is easy to play with my magic, I am youngest of three, trixie nyx and I think Artemis?.. idk anymore anyways my mom is Luna and if your still reading... /) ( bro hoof to you! my lion version has been into mischief.. my mongoose version is just hearts over claws for her boyfriend sunil.. those two work out perfectly! my care bear cousin version is just happy to help, and my human version is having a hard time keeping track of all of us! let alone draw us! so if you'd like to give anything out find the human on YouTube, find the lion on tumblr, me right here, and find all of us on scype, the only place where the human can keep track of us on just ONE scype! new news: the lion will not be able to meet any of you. she has been struck by a storm of bad luck. you can ask her boyfriend mheetu for the whole story on tumblr just 'ask the lion and family!'
  • and family
  • ask angeliha the lion
  • Care Bears
  • doctor who (the new series not the old.)
  • lion king
  • littlest pet shop
  • mlpfim
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • canterlot
  • cloudsdale
  • Disney in Florida
  • downtown city
  • London
  • meerkat jungle
  • outlands
  • ponyville
  • pride rock
  • pridelands
  • wonderbolt academy
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • any thing Disney
  • lion king
  • littlest pet shop
  • my little pony friendship is magic