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May 2013
Hey! Im Sam! I have been involved with music since I was a little kid. Ive done tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz, and break dancing. I play Acoustic&Electric guitar, trumpet, etc. I also sing, model and act for John R. Powers. Ive moved eight times and have been bullied my whole life. Though I suffer from ADHD, Depression, anxiety and more, I try my best to give back to others through music and writing. Ive been using FL to make my own music for over a year and would very much like to persue music production as a career. I love old tv shows, such as She-Ra, star trek, Buck Rodgers, Quantum Leap, etc. I also am a huge Doctor Who fan! I have written over 500 songs, 12 books (all over 100 pages) and am personal friends with several writers, producers, and actors. Though Im a bit suicidal and have been depressed for a while, I have great friends who care about me, and I could never put them through that. I am working through my issues so I can achieve my dreams and help others along the way!
  • acoustic guitar
  • animals
  • ballet
  • break dancing
  • electric guitar
  • exponential decay/growth
  • flute
  • hip hop dancing
  • human nature
  • literature
  • math
  • music production
  • physics
  • piccolo
  • reading
  • saxophone
  • science
  • sign language
  • singing
  • space
  • tap dancing
  • time dilation
  • time travel
  • trumpet
  • writing books
  • writing stories
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • champaign il
  • chandler Az
  • decatur il
  • hollywood ca
  • las vegas nv
  • London England
  • mystic ct
  • urbana il
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • a nightmare on elm street
  • all american rejects
  • bones
  • csi
  • csi: miami
  • csi: ny
  • doctor who
  • evanescence
  • harry potter
  • joan jett
  • linkin park
  • macklemore
  • michael buble
  • michael jackson
  • Mozella
  • ncis
  • ncis: la
  • pretty little liars
  • quantum leap
  • rent
  • saw series
  • senses fail
  • she-ra
  • sherlock
  • skrillex
  • star gate
  • star trek
  • stuck in your radio
  • switched at birth
  • taylor swift
  • the beatles
  • the hangover
  • the impossible (LOVE IT!)
  • the lying game
  • the runaways
  • twilight saga