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Best Trickshotter Alive
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R1ChM0nD, V4
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August 2011
Alright...I'm 16, African American, 6' 3", my name is Malik, although all of my friends call me BODIDDLES after my sister's nickname for me, so it stuck, i'm a junior in highschool umm i run track, i run cross country, i have had insomnia for the last 2 years (allergic to melatonin pills doesn't that suck), and that's probably why i'm one of the most relaxed people you'll ever know...umm i'm a freerunner, i play XBOX 360 (not PS3 my mother taught me not to play with garbage), I quickscope, my gamertag on there is: FLD96, if you really want to know more about me or about quickscoping/trickshotting...and im not single I'm in love with my wonderful girlfriend...that's about it...and I'm not really the best trickshotter I'm good but not that good haha...CuDi Alliance or leave my page haha jk F4LL0W M3 F0R FUN 4ND 1LL F4LL0W Y0U B4CK
P.S.: You should go on YouTube and check out FaZe Clan and subscribe to them! And check my channel and subscribe and add as a friend? Alright I'm Out
Channel: Ud0ntKN0Wm3K1d
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  • Columbia TN
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  • Alex Rider Series
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