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August 2013
I just joined the Ask community today (which is August 6th, 2013). I am a Christian boy of 18 years who attends a church of Christ and loves to learn about God's universe. I'm open to new ideas and theories (as long as they comply with my baseline faith in Christ), which is partially what feeds my attraction to science-fiction and progressive rock. I appreciate art and love to draw, and plan to attend college for a graphic design major. Now that you know how boring I am, if you wish to be even more bored, read further to find out my favorite movies, music, and TV shows, places of residence and visitation, and areas of expertise, but in reverse-order.
  • animals
  • art
  • Christianity
  • grammar
  • guitar
  • history
  • prehistoric life
  • progressive rock
  • science-fiction
  • space
  • the ocean and its inhabitants
  • writing
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • as far into the Interior as Coruscant
  • Barsoom
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kashyyyk
  • Minnesota
  • most of the Outer Rim territories
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Panama
  • Tatooine
  • Trandosha
  • Vulcan
  • Wisconsin
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • band: David Gilmour
  • band: Dream Theater
  • band: ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)
  • band: Genesis
  • band: Jethro Tull
  • band: Kansas
  • band: Magma
  • band: Moth Vellum
  • band: Pink Floyd
  • band: Queensr?che
  • band: Rush
  • band: Spock's Beard
  • band: Styx
  • band: The Flower Kings
  • band: The Moody Blues
  • band: Yes
  • book: any Star Wars book
  • book: John Carter of Mars chronicles
  • book: Jurassic Park
  • book: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • composer: Bach
  • composer: Beethoven
  • composer: Brahams
  • composer: Gustav Holst
  • composer: John Williams
  • composer: Mozart
  • Marvel and DC movies
  • movie: Back to the Future trilogy
  • movie: Indiana Jones saga
  • movie: Jurassic Park trilogy
  • movie: Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
  • movie: Star Trek saga
  • movie: Star Wars saga
  • Shark Week
  • TV show: Duck Dynasty
  • TV show: George Lopez
  • TV show: Star Trek
  • TV show: Star Wars: the Clone Wars
  • TV show: Terra Nova
  • TV show: Walking With Dinosaurs