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September 2011
I have an inherent potential to inspire and uplift humanity through creative self-expression which conveys humor and drama, thoughtfulness and vision, and compassion and understanding, My outlet is in the education and direction of others in constructive avenues of creative expression, for example, in public speaking, art, drama, and music. There is a sensitivity within me to the needs of people, but to know when help is important; otherwise, others could regard me as too inquisitive and interfering. I feel my purpose is to shoulder responsibility for the welfare of others, to learn to understand the reasons for the destructive conditions facing humanity, to seek truth and a logical explanation of life, and to develop solutions based on an understanding of human mind. The sense of responsibility I feel can bring the tendency to be too serious at times, and to worry and fret. I really should take the time to relax and to release concerns and obligations, but I never feel like I have time to do so.

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  • California
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