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September 2013
I'm a nerd. I enjoy video games, Anime, and old music.

I used to describe myself as a "hard core" gamer. I enjoy challenging games and good story lines, and that was my criteria for "hard core"... now hardcore refers mostly to competitive gamers, and I'm more into single player games and Role Play games.... so I guess I would be described as casual now.

As a high school graduate, most of my time is taken up by two things: Job searching, and expanding my personal skill set.

I want to become a competent programmer, mathematician, artist, and musician. I suppose I have an entire lifetime to reach these goals, but seeing as I wasted my teenage years in school, I'm having to make up the difference now. :P

I'm interested in traditional martial arts, but have not yet worked up the energy (or the funds) to take any classes. I've got my eye on a local Aikido dojo....
  • Anime
  • Art... Trying to learn to draw with dip pens.
  • Cello. Learning to play an old beat up one.
  • Math. Trying to educate myself on the subject.
  • Programming. Particularly C and Assembly.
  • Video Games especially Horror games and RPGs.
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • TN USA
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • Abstract Music.
  • Classical Music
  • Folk Music
  • instrumental music
  • Old Rock. Think Grateful Dead.