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Carlos Aguirre
ZIP Code:
Austin tx
Ask Member Since:
September 2011
im 17 years old i like shredding guitar n bass i like sk8boardind, im a goalkeeper in soccer and a receiver in football n yes i do believe i god i go to church im a christian.I like collecting old stuff like Super mario world old nitendos street fighter i like collecting old stuff because they will be worth a lot of money in the future.Im not gonna lie i used to be and emo but i still like to play rock. I used to be a mildfielder in soccer until i broke my ankle so now i play golie. call me wathever u want but unicorns r awsome.People say thats weird about me but i dont care.I like to skate. I like the feeling u get when ur way up high in the air , I hate singing but i do write songs. You can mess with anybody in my family i mean anybody but when you mess with my nephews ima kick ur but . When i fight im super serious i have never lost a fight . . Suacide is never the anwer. ur mom didnt carry u in her stomach for 9 months and than go trough all than pain just so u would kill urself.
  • andres guardado ronaldinho
  • bmx
  • brazils soccer team
  • chicharito
  • converse
  • facebook
  • facebook email
  • giovany dos santos
  • guitar shreding
  • guitar soloing
  • linkin park
  • mario from nintendo
  • mexico soccer team
  • nintendo 64
  • other email
  • sk8bording
  • snowboarding
  • soccer
  • super nintendo
  • unicorns are awsome and manly
  • unicorns have a shank on thei heads
  • vans
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • alaska
  • argentina
  • barcelona spain
  • brazil
  • chile
  • colorado
  • cuba
  • mexico
  • new york
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • catdog
  • chalk zone
  • family guy
  • lady gaga
  • linkin park
  • metallica
  • napoleon dynamite the cartoon on fox
  • regular show
  • simsons
  • slipknot
  • smashing pumkins
  • south park
  • spongebob edited
  • taylor swift
  • the beatles
  • toy story