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January 2012
Well, hello biddies and gents. c: Im Cathleen, yeah just another typical Canadian girl who loves her country more than anything.... i love Canada<3 .Im SO into giving advice and i love giving it; my best friend says i spend WAY to much time on this website, but whatever im staying on here. c: Feel free to email me at if you would like to have a full on conversation about anything, you need to talk about/need adivce on! Im really open and easy to talk to as long as you are willing to be respectful, ill respect you back! if not i will ignore you because im not into people who disrespect! So haves fun, keep it real, be respectful, you know what to do... be you. c: xox. :*
  • creating new friendships
  • doing makeup
  • giving advice
  • hanging with friends
  • laughing at nothing
  • making people smile
  • meeting new people
  • styling hair
  • talking giberish
Places you've Lived or Visited
  • amhersview canada
  • basically every where in canada...
  • halifax canada
  • kingston canada
  • new brunswick
  • novia scotia
  • perth canada
  • quebec canada
Favorite Movies, Music, or TV Shows
  • donald trump-mac miller
  • headlines-drake
  • ill be your man-james blunt
  • my girl-mindless behaviour
  • new girl-new boys
  • not that kinda girl-jojo
  • your only shorty-arianna
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