Where do brownie badges go?


Brownie badges go on the bottom of a Girl Scout Brownie uniform vest or sash. The Journey Award badges go on the left side of the vest, and the Brownie badges go on the right. As more Journey Award badges are earned, they climb up the vest. Journey Award badges should be placed above Brownie badges on the sash.

Girl Scout Brownie badges are triangular in shape, so they can be sewn on the sash or vest in an interlocking fashion, with alternating point-up and point-down triangles. If more badges are earned than fit on the front of the sash or vest, they can be sewn on the back.

Other insignia that go on the vest or sash include the American flag patch, Girl Scout Council identification badge, troop crest, troop number, membership stars, the Bridge to Girl Scouts award, the My Promise and My Faith pins and a cookie sales activity pin, if earned. All these are worn on the right side of the vest or on the top half of the sash. Journey Summit Award pins are worn on the left side of the vest or under the membership stars if wearing a sash.

Other Brownie uniform insignia include the World Trefoil Pin and the Brownie Membership pin. Both these should be pinned on to the Brownie insignia tab, which is worn on the left side of the uniform, above the heart.


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