How do you highlight your hair step by step using foil?


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To highlight your hair using foil, cut foil pieces, mix the highlighting solution, apply the solution to your hair, fold your hair in the foils and leave the solution on your hair for the recommended length of time. Allow at least an hour to complete the highlighting process and additional time to shampoo your hair afterwards./

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  1. Prepare the foils and formula

    Pre-cut the foils into 4-by-5-inch rectangles. Mix the highlighting formula in a non-metal bowl.

  2. Prepare the hair for highlighting

    Divide the clean, dry hair into sections. Do a test strand to confirm the color choice. Pin back the hair in the sections you are not working on initially.

  3. Section the hair for highlighting

    Beginning in the back, part one horizontal section of hair. Use a rat tail comb to weave in and out of the section of hair, separating out about half the hair. Lay the sectioned strands on a piece of foil held up to the scalp.

  4. Highlight the hair and fold the foils

    Paint the highlight color onto the chosen strand of hair, starting at the bottom of the strand. Make sure the application of color is even throughout the hair. Fold the foil in half over the hair, starting with the bottom edge and folding toward the top. Fold both sides underneath to hold the foil in place. Repeat this for each section until the entire head of hair has been highlighted.

  5. Remove the foils

    After about 20 minutes, check to make sure the desired highlight shade has been achieved. Unwrap the foils, and rinse the highlighting formula out of the hair thoroughly. Shampoo the hair and style as desired.

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