What is the strongest anti-perspirant for men?
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What is the strongest anti-perspirant for men?


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Several prescription-strength anti-perspirants are available if over-the-counter products don't seem work very well. According to Men's Health magazine, the strongest over-the-counter anti-perspirant available for men who sweat excessively is Speed Stick Pro Extra Dry, as of 2014.

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Men's Health magazine considers that the best deodorant for men who have a strong sweat smell is Men's Science Advanced Deodorant. This prescription-strength deodorant is a little pricey compared to others, costing around $17 as of 2014. Degree V12 Absolute Protection Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant is designed to respond to an increase in adrenaline and is also quite effective. As of 2014, it is priced under $4 in most stores.

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