How do I tell the quality of jade?


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Jade is a valuable gemstone revered primarily in Eastern cultures. In order to determine the quality of jade, you need to look at its color, transparency, texture and cut.

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  1. Look at the color

    Look at the color of jade. Although people associate jade with the color green, it comes in a variety of hues, including lavender, red and black. The most valuable, highest quality of jade comes in a bright emerald color called imperial jade.

  2. Consider the transparency

    Consider the transparency of jade. The best jade is semitransparent. Everything seen through this gemstone should appear a little blurry. This blurriness means that the light penetrating it causes it to glow. Lesser quality jade has an opaque and cloudy appearance.

  3. Feel the texture

    Feel the texture of jade. The highest quality is smooth, but lower quality have medium or coarse textures. Part of the attraction in smooth jade is that it is made up of tight grains, making it very strong.

  4. Look at the cut

    Look at the cut of jade and how it's fashioned. If the jade is polished into cabochons or cut into beads, there is a good chance that it's high-quality jade. The craftsmen of this jewelry still use ancient methods of polishing the gemstones.

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