How can you be frugal?
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How can you be frugal?


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The five primary ways to be frugal are through cutting food and entertainment costs, lowering transportation expenses, reducing debt, downsizing housing and purchasing fewer consumer items. Grocery expenses can be reduced by planting a garden to supplement food that is purchased.

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Shopping with coupons or buying store brands also helps defray food costs. Eating out is a major expense in many budgets that can be trimmed by cooking at home more. To cut entertainment bills, cancel cable subscriptions and watch TV on the Internet through various inexpensive or free online services. Many networks, such as PBS, provide a variety of free programming online. Libraries also have many DVDs and audio books that can be checked out at no cost.

To reduce transportation costs, consider selling a car and having only one vehicle for a family. Ride a bike, walk or take the bus to reduce expenses further. When driving, use smart phone apps to find the least-expensive fuel. In addition, paying off debt or transferring credit card balances to cards with lower interest rates saves money.

For cheaper housing, consider downsizing to a smaller home or moving to a less-expensive area. Taking a roommate also helps reduce expenses. Attempting to purchase fewer consumer items can save significant money. For instance, consider replacing electronics less frequently.

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