What is a good grade point average?
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What is a good grade point average?


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According to the Penn State Division of Undergraduate Studies, a grade point average, or GPA, should range between 2.00, representing acceptable achievement, to 4.00, representing exceptional achievement. The GPA is calculated by taking the average number of grade points a student earns in a given period of time.

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Potential employers or educational institutions use the GPA to assess and compare applicants. In the United States, GPA equivalents to letter grades are generally as follows: 3.67 to 4.00 is an A; 2.67 to 3.33 is a B; and 2.00 to 2.33 is a C. A 1.00 GPA is a D, or poor minimal achievement. A 0.00 GPA is an F, constituting a failing, inadequate grade achievement.

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