2011's Best Skis for Backcountry Skiing

By Charles Dovbish , last updated December 22, 2011

Backcountry skiing can be very exciting. Skiing through uncharted territory and hitting a couple of jumps is enough to take the breath away from any skier. But you’re not prepared with the right equipment, you could find yourself in trouble during your trip. If you’re looking at an upgrade to your skis, there are a few models that you should check before you head out and buy any old pair. Here are the best skis for backcountry skiing in 2011.

Salomon Twenty-Twelve Skis

The Salomon Twenty-Twelve is a ski that has been released for the 2011-2012-ski season. This set of skis uses tail and tip early rise, which allows you to pivot easily and smear through different conditions. The skis have fiber-reinforced edges and come with a full wood core. This makes the skis durable in the event that you wipeout on the slopes. The MSRP on these skis is about $750.

Volkl Mantra Skis

The Volkl Mantra Skis are built for speed. These skis will allow you to carve and float down the slopes with ease. This is one of the best for backcountry skiing because the set is made out of beech wood. This makes the set lightweight, which can get you flying through the backcountry. The skis have a slight early rise to the tips to give you control in the different situations that may arise in backcountry skiing. The Mantra series has an MSRP of about $825.

Kastle FX 94 Skis

The Kastle FX 94 Skis are great for carving and have good scores for floating down the trails. Carving is important for backcountry skiing because you will need to make sharp turns and quick stops. The FX 94 has lightweight construction for agility. This ski comes in short and longer lengths from 166 inches to 186 inches. The MSRP on the Kastle FX 94 series is around $1,150.

4FRNT EHP Series

The 4FRNT EHP series was designed for the backcountry skier. This ski ranks among the best for going through fresh powder and handling all mountain snow. If you’re looking for a backcountry ski that will give you control on public slopes, the EHP series is what you need. This ski comes in 179 inches, 186 inches and 193 inches. This ski also has a dampening system built into it so you will absorb the shock when going over hills or jumps. This ski retails for about $800.

Voile Vector BC

The Voile Vector BC is a ski that will put a little more money into your pocket without sacrificing features. This is a waxless ski, which means that you do not have to wax it before you head out on the slope. This is a great all around ski, but it is designed to handle the tribulations of backcountry skiing. This ski is great for powder and for slush. The tips are raised more than the regular series to help you get over sharp lifts without jamming your skis. This is also a great ski for carving out trails in your backcountry. This ski retails for about $550, making it the most affordable of these 5 choices.

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