3 Best Airsoft Guns Ever

By Ashley Berg , last updated February 27, 2012

Whether you're new to the world of Airsoft or a seasoned pro, you'll probably want to invest in one of the 3 best Airsoft guns ever. Airsoft guns are firearm replicas that shoot out pellets or BB's that are often used to play a competitive, paintball-like game by both adolescents and adults. Finding the best Airsoft gun for your purposes depends on the type of usage expected; there are a variety of models, brands, and styles of Airsoft guns, including spring-powered, electric, and gas-powered varieties, with a number of additional nuances that separate them further. Here are three of the best models out there in each category; everyone has a personal preference when it comes to Airsoft, so be sure and research thoroughly before committing to one gun.

Electric Airsoft Gun

There are a lot of electric guns available, but one of the top brands offering these high tech devices is ICS. The ICS MP5 Full Stock Olympic Arms Airsoft Electric Gun is hyper-realistic, with its sleek, black, full-metal construction. The gun's construction and balance ensures you hit the target without a lot of fussing or compensation. It also boasts authentic weight, so it also feels like the real thing. It fires an impressive 805 BB's per second, and has a capacity of 450 rounds. You have the option of choosing automatic or semi-automatic firing. The rechargeable battery makes it convenient to use, but all these impressive features will end up costing you around $345. What's more, this extremely popular model can be difficult to find, and tends to sell out quickly.

Gas-Powered Airsoft Gun

Gas-powered Airsoft guns can be incredibly realistic, though they often sport a bright orange tip to differentiate them from the real thing. The Green Gas WE PDW Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun is a gas blowback carbine model, which offers a lot of kick for, an extremely realistic experience. The weight gives it excellent balance and its all-metal construction will make it feel authentic in your arms. 500fps firing velocity can take your breath away, and this particular version comes with an extra magazine for quick reloading and longer play. Green gas is used as the propellant here, and it must be purchased separately, and the high quality construction requires high quality, .20 gram BBs' to remain in good working order. Though it is a little more high-maintenance than other weapons, it is sure to become your favorite; pick it up for around $350.

Spring Airsoft Gun

Perhaps you would rather have something a little more compact for both close- and long-range. A handgun is more easy to manage than a full-scale rifle, and the Tokyo Marui Spring Double Eagle is not only fun to shoot, but is also very reasonably priced. It comes equipped with an ergonomic trigger guard for comfortable shooting, standard combat sights for accurate aiming, and an authentic 1911 design and feel. Its firing rate of 160 fps means it is less powerful than a rifle, but that is to be expected with a handgun, and the 25-round capacity is more than enough for intimidating the other shooters. Grab this little beauty for an affordable $33.

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