3 Best Beauty School Scholarships

By Sam Feeder , last updated December 22, 2011

The 3 best beauty school scholarships are offered every year to people of all ages who want to go into the beauty and cosmetology industry so that they can work in salons or the make-up side of the entertainment industry. Scholarships like this are meant for people who are trying to begin a career in the beauty industry but can't pay for it or who are stand-outs in their training and deserve to have their education paid for. Many of these scholarships are awarded based on essays that you write as well, so being able to write about beauty if often as important as making people beautiful, in these cases. Check out the 3 best beauty scholarhships listed below and see if you think you have a shot at being awarded these scholarships, so you can take the extra time to apply for them and get some of your beauty school covered.

ACE Scholarship Program

The ACE, or Access to Cosmetology Education, is meant for students who are at least midway through their cosmotology school education. Any student will qualify whether they desperately need the money to finish school or they are just one of the best in their cosmotology class so far. This beauty school scholarship opportunity is only offered at schools which are part of the American Association of Cosmotology Schools (also known as the AACS) and is done nationally throughout this network of schools once a year. Students must write a five hundred to eight hundred word essay about why they love their work in beauty school and what they hope to do with it as a career in the future. They also must demonstrate financial need of some kind, either through a separate essay or by providing student loan statements. What's best about this scholarship is that 25 one thousand dollar scholarships are awarded each year by Sports Clips, which is more then just about any other beauty scholarship out there.

PBA / NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship

This beauty school scholarship from the Professional Beauty Association and the National Cosmotology Association is meant for high school seniors who think that they want to pursue a career in cosmotology or the beauty industry over everything else and want to go right into cosmotology school. This scholarship is awarded to seven different individuals each year for a total of one thousand dollars each and is based upon a 250 word essay they write about what they want to do in cosmotology school and in their futures. Two references are also needed from reputable sources for them to win this scholarship. Sally Beauty Supply company funds this scholarship program every year.

Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship

Barber and cosmotology school students are eligible for this beauty school scholarship which is provided by Joe Francis haircare over the course of a year. Nineteen of these scholarships worth one thousand dollars each are handed out based on a one page essay, a letter of recommendation and an example of financial need. You will also need to show what school or schools you are applying to and if you are one of the selected recipients for the scholarship the Joe Francis Haircare fund will donate the money to your tuition.

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