The 3 Best Cold Weather Backpacks

By Justin Graves , last updated December 5, 2011

Whether you are looking to go day hiking or camping, you will definitely want to consider purchasing one of the three best cold-weather backpacks. Aside from keeping your belongings warm, these backpacks can be incredibly useful for carrying all your camping and hiking supplies. Of course, these items are quite expensive so you will definitely want to do research on each specific backpack before making a purchase. Also, you need to evaluate the size of each specific backpack to ensure that it will adequately carry all of your hiking gear and camping equipment. Finally, it is recommended that you visit the store to physically inspect each bag before making a purchase.

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

The first cold-weather backpack on our list is the Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack. This compact internal frame backpack features a capacity of roughly 3400 cubic inches. The great thing about this backpack is that it uses height adjustable shoulder straps and contoured waist, lumbar and shoulder pads to fit the shape of your back. This is a great feature, especially when the backpack is fully loaded with your camping gear. There is both a sleeping bag compartment and top loading main compartment to store your various hiking items. There is also a separate padded pocket to store your hydration water bladder, although you will need to purchase this item separately. Another great feature of this backpack is the rain fly that allows you to keep your gear dry during rainy or snowy conditions.

High Sierra Classic Series 59491 Sentinel 65 Internal Frame Pack

Next, we have the High Sierra Classic Series 59401 Sentinel 65 Internal Frame Pack. This high-quality backpack has a 65-liter capacity with an adjustable top lid and top loading main compartment. This backpack also uses a dual aluminum frame bar and load compression straps to keep your gear firmly secured. The ergonomic fit shoulder harnesses allow you to adjust the straps to your specific size and comfort levels. There's also a removable media pocket to store your electronic devices as well as a hydration reservoir sleeve to store your water bladder. This pack is extremely resilient and great for combating tough winter conditions. The High Sierra Classic Series 59401 Sentinel 65 Internal Frame Pack has also received a strong number of positive reviews through the official Amazon website as well.

High Peak Katmandu 70 + 10 Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Finally, we have the High Peak Katmandu 70 + 10 Internal Frame Hiking Backpack. This exceptional backpack has an astounding capacity between 5000 and 6000 cubic inches, depending on what you're carrying. The backpack itself weighs only 5.4 pounds and uses a detachable hood and aluminum suspension bars to keep your items secured. With a set of compression straps and built-in rain cover, this bag is ideal for traversing tough winter conditions. This bag also includes four main packing compartments so you can easily keep your cooking, sleeping and toiletry items separate from one another. If you're hiking in high altitudes and need to keep your items protected from tough outdoor conditions, the High Peak Katmandu 70 + 10 Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is the backpack for you.

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