The 3 Best Ice Skate Manufacturers

By Meredith Berg , last updated January 27, 2012

The top three ice skate manufacturers are at the top of their game in technology, precision, and durability. Everyone knows with the changing of the seasons comes the anticipation of winter sports. Whether you are competitively active in hockey or are simply looking for professional-grade equipment for your recreational use, there are a lot of skate manufacturers to choose from. Here are the top three ice skate manufacturers and skate recommendations.


One of the most challenging sports in the world, hockey requires the absolute best in equipment for competitive performance. Skates have to fit well, enhance acceleration and provide the ultimate in control. Bauer, which has joined forces with Nike, is one of the top skate manufacturers. They have three main skate designs for players to choose from.

The Vapor APX Skate by Bauer is created for quick skaters who use speed to control the puck and outdistance the competition. The patented composite quarter and X-Rib design cuts down the weight significantly so that you can corner quicker and accelerate faster.

The Supreme TotalOne Skate by Bauer is specifically made for power skaters. The idea when Bauer was creating this skate was to propel players forward starting with the first step. The foot bed has a stabilizer grip for control, the padding is lightweight and resistant to water, and the blade runner has their patented TUUK Lightspeed 2 technology to bring you speed.

The Bauer Flexilite 4.0 Skate also features TUUK blade runner technology. The foot of the skate, however, is more unique and is for those who enjoy out-of-the-box comfort. Try one of these on to see if the wrapped, soft boot is more your style than the classic skate.


CCM is a second skate manufacturer at the top of the hockey game. Their biggest product right now is the CCM U + Crazy Light skate. Their U FORM-3D reactive foam system provides a boot that conforms to your foot’s contours, giving you a fit unlike any other ice skate. By fitting the boot closer to your foot than other skates, CCM has designed this skate to react with your every move. Get maximum stride energy and control.


The hottest ice skate produced by Graf right now is the Ultra G75. The skate is not only lightweight, it is also impact-resistant, saving your joints from the abuse of the hard ice surface. Attain a new level of comfort with the fast-drying AIRNET technology used in the microfiber layers inside the boot. The heel instep design is extra deep to provide comfort.

A great feature of buying a Graf skate is their Fit Profile shopping system. They develop different skates based on the three criteria of heel width, backstay shape, and heel instep depth. This results in a near-custom fit. Visit an authorized Graf dealer to discover your fit profile and get paired with your perfect skate.

Since hockey skates can greatly affect performance based on the fit, you should make sure to give all of these companies a try before you make a purchase. You never know which will feel like it was handmade for your foot until you do. But whichever company you choose to buy from, rest assured that these three brands are the best of the best.

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