The 3 Best International Gold Buyers

By Mark Cook , last updated October 3, 2011

Buying and selling gold is a common practice throughout the United States and across the world, and anytime you have some old gold jewelry or even some gold items that you no longer have use for you can easily sell that gold for cash. When choosing to sell gold it is important that you take the time to research where you can get the most cash back from. Often times gold buyers take advantage of unknowledgeable sellers who aren’t sure exactly what they should receive for their gold. Fortunately, there are several credible gold buying organizations that are sure to pay you top dollar for your items. Here are the top 3 international gold buying companies.

Midwest Refineries

Midwest Refineries is one of the better-known gold buying companies. Having been in business since 1939, this company buys any premium metals including, silver, platinum, palladium, and gold. They are often sought out because there is no minimum amount needed in order for them to purchase. There are also no fees attached to any transaction, and they offer up to 95% of the current price of gold. This is an easy and quick way to get a great deal on your gold.

Gold Buyers International

Gold Buyers International prides itself on providing excellent customer service along with outstanding prices. They conveniently have many store locations around the world, as well as an online center where you can send in your items. They are one of the fastest growing and more reputable gold buying companies.

Empire Gold Buyers

Empire Gold Buyers is another fast growing gold buying company, specializing in everything from scrap gold to ornate gold structures. They pay up to 98.5% of the price of gold, which is far and away the highest payout. The best part about Empire is that they guarantee overnight shipping, so all of their transactions go through quickly and with tremendous ease.

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