3 Best Maritime Law Schools

By Barry Solomon , last updated December 4, 2011

Maritime or admiralty law is a growing field, and if you are interested in pursuing a degree in maritime law, here are the three best maritime law schools in the United States. In addition to admiralty law, courses of study include carriage of goods by sea, maritime insurance, the law of the sea, and other related topics. You will get a broad exposure to the usual first year law classes, such as contracts, torts, and civil procedure, and then you will specialize in maritime law courses in your subsequent years.

One of the top maritime law schools is Tulane University in New Orleans. Founded in 1847, it is the twelveth oldest law school in the country. Though the school awards a significant amount of scholarship aid, the tuition is high at $37,200 a year for out of state students. With fees and the cost of housing, books and miscellaneous expenses, this number rises up to around $60,000 a year. The median scholarship grant is just $12,500. A full maritime law program is available and the school publishes one of the most respected journals on the subject, the Tulane Maritime Law Journal.

Also in Louisiana is the Louisiana State University. It has a vigorous program in maritime law which features the Sea Grant Law and Policy Program. This is a renowned research institute that provides information and guidance to those using Louisiana's coastal lands and waters. This includes state and local governments as well as private business. Students getting involved in the program are given the opportunity to research and write papers on relevant maritime topics to be included in a well respected journal, read all over the world.

The Roger Williams University Law School in Rhode Island has a Marine Affairs Institute which is one of the most respected clearinghouses for marine law and policy. In addition to the regular coursework, students get to attend conferences attended by the world's top scientists, lawyers and policymakers in the area of maritime studies. It is in a beautiful location between Narragansett Bay and Mount Hope Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.

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