3 Books for Improving your Baseball Coaching Technique

By Stacy Zeiger , last updated December 22, 2011

Whether you coach at the Little League or professional level, books from some of baseball’s seasoned veterans may help you improve your baseball coaching technique. Books about baseball coaching combine experience with tried and true techniques. These three books for improving your baseball coaching technique will offer you practical advice and strategies from professionals in the baseball world to help your coaching and your team.

Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way

Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way by Cal Ripken Jr. features strategies and techniques to help youth baseball coaches. All suggestions in the book have been presented by Bill and Cal Ripken Jr., sons of the famous baseball player Cal Ripken Sr. who used similar techniques to teach his own sons baseball. Because Cal Ripken Sr.'s strategies helped developed his song Cal Ripken Jr. into a world-class professional baseball player, you can feel confident in the advice that the book provides. The book focuses on helping coaches create a positive and encouraging environment for youth baseball players and providing practical advice. Readers will find multiple drills to help coaches develop skills such as hitting, pitching and defense. All of the strategies may be implemented at multiple levels of youth baseball and with children from ages four through 15. This book will help coaches teach youth baseball players to love the sport of baseball along with acquiring critical skills.

Baseball Strategies

Baseball Strategies by the American Baseball Coaches Association incorporates strategies from some of the top baseball coaches to help coaches improve their own techniques. The American Baseball Coaches Association selected coaches who have a winning record to offer advice and strategies to include in the book. Contributors include Mike Gillespie, Mark Johnson, Bob Bennett and Itch Jones. Most of the tips are organized as answers to questions based on common coaching scenarios. The book is divided into three different sections that focus on offense, defense and pitching to make it easy for coaches to find the information that will best help them. The book is geared toward coaches at all levels, particularly those at the high school and collegiate level or who coach youth baseball in extremely competitive local or travel leagues.

The Baseball Drill Book

The Baseball Drill Book, part of the Drill Book Series from the American Baseball Coaches Association, provides coaches with drills from some of the best coaches at the collegiate level. Some of the coaches who have contributed to the book include Ray Tanner, Bob Bennett and Gene Stephenson. Included in the book are nearly 200 different practice activities and drills. Drills are organized by the skill or area of the game they cover, including sections for offense, conditioning, hitting, pitching and fielding. All of the drills also include pictures to help coaches implement them properly. You will also find modifications for the drills to help them work for your individual team. Drills in The Baseball Drill Book may be adapted to use at multiple levels of baseball and with various age groups.

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