3 Books for Improving your Football Coaching Technique

By Justin Graves , last updated December 5, 2011

When it comes to improving your football coaching technique, there are three great books you should seriously consider utilizing. Coaching football can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you can have on an athletic field. However, coaching takes exceptional strategizing and resiliency. To help you strengthen these qualities and better understand the mechanics of the game, the following football coaching books should really help you. In fact, you may wish to purchase all three just so you have plenty of different tools and drills to work with. Each one of these books can also be found through the official Amazon website for roughly $20 each.

The Football Coaching Bible

The first book on our list is The Football Coaching Bible by the American Football Coaches Association. The great thing about this book is that it utilizes input from some of the most successful and popular coaches in existence. Throughout the book, each coach will share specific insight, tips and strategies to help you improve your overall football coaching ability. This book features 27 chapters covering all areas of the game of football. Throughout this book, you will receive insights from legendary coaches such as Phil Fulmer, Bobby Bowden, Ken Sparks, George Curry, Joe Tiller, Dick Foster, Hayden Fry, Sonny Lubick, Lou Holtz, Mac Brown and Jim Young. Subjects covered in this book include aspects such as program building, practice sessions, performance evaluation, team tactics, coaching principles and strengthening player motivation. When it comes to authors, you won't be able to find a more trustworthy or definitive source than the American Football Coaches Association.

Football Coaching Strategies

Next on our list of the three best books for improving your football coaching technique is Football Coaching Strategies. This definitive book is also authored by the American Football Coaches Association. It features roughly 349 detailed diagrams that cover subjects such as defensive formations, offensive strategies, and special teams tips. Again, it is highly recommended that you look into purchasing at least one book by the American Football Coaches Association. In Football Coaching Strategies, you will learn about the running game from coaches Tom Osborne, Darrell Royal, and John McKay. You will learn about the passing game from coaches Bill Walsh, LaVell Edwards, and Steve Spurrier. Finally, you'll learn about the defensive game from coaches Dave Wannstedt, Dick Tomey, and Barry Alvarez.

Coaching Football Successfully

The third recommended football coaching book on our list is Coaching Football Successfully by Allan Trimble. This book covers a variety of game plans and player motivation tips and tactics. Whether you are looking to improve your sideline communication, practice drills, scouting or teaching fundamentals, this book will show you how to do so. Allan Trimble is known for being a trusted coach who has earned a stunning number of victories and state championship titles on the high school football level. Combined with the two books above, this book can make a great resource for filling in the gaps. By studying each of these books closely, it is practically guaranteed that you will be able to improve your football coaching technique.

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