3 Essential Accessories for Deer Hunting

By Marissa Gorlick , last updated November 14, 2011

Three main types of accessories are essential if you want to go deer hunting successfully. You will need to bring a way to conceal yourself, a way to take your prey, and a way to protect yourself. The following article discusses what accessories you should consider purchasing as you prepare to go hunting for deer.

Deer Blind and Camouflage

Arguably, the most important of hunting accessories is the deer blind. Deer can be skittish animals that run when they are alarmed or startled; therefore, it is important to dress appropriately in camouflage that allows you to blend into your surroundings. Setting up a deer blind in a heavily populated area is also a good idea for maximum coverage. Ensuring the deer doesn’t see you is a great way to minimize the chance that the deer will run. Try to make sure you and your equipment are painted to resemble your surroundings and that all abnormal surfaces are covered.

Riffle Supplies

Having quality equipment is vital in order to swiftly take your deer. Bringing adequate ammunition to stay loaded throughout the hunt, a cleaning kit to keep the gun in working order, a well-maintained rifle to ensure no accidents, and the proper cartridges for the grain you want to use are all necessary. Without these tools, you will struggle to be successful and may not be able to take the animal down. A scope and a rifle strap are nice extras to make your hunting a bit easier.

First Aid Kit

While many hunters may not consider first aid in their first choice of accessories they would bring with them, this kit may mean life or death when you are out hunting. Hunting often occurs in rural areas that are sparsely populated by people, and roads are usually far away. If you were to have an accident so far away from help, a first aid kit would be essential in managing a potentially serious problem.

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