3 Great Air Rowing Machines

By Melissa Willets , last updated January 22, 2012

The benefits of exercising on an air rowing machine may not be as well known as, say, the benefits of working out on an elliptical trainer or treadmill. However, if you want a great workout for your upper body as well as your lower body, consider these three great air rowing machines. A fitness regimen that includes sessions on an air rower will help to boost your aerobic capacity, your ability to burn calories and therefore shed pounds, your endurance level and your muscular definition. Exercising on an air rowing machine will also help you avoid injury because of the low-impact nature of the work-out, which puts less strain on joints and is overall easier on the body. Compare these three great air rowing machines, any of which would make a solid addition to your home gym. At a variety of price points and with different user-friendly features, one of these machines may be right for you.

Verso R-400 Air Rower

This air rower is not your father’s machine. Available on Brookstone's website for about $700 (not overly expensive if you consider how much it costs to purchase a stationary bike or a treadmill) the Verso R-400 combines both wind and magnetic resistance to deliver a smooth workout experience. The rower is equipped with a backlit LCD computer screen that tracks heart rate and other performance statistics like distance and calories burned. For those who may fear that exercising on an air rowing machine could get boring, consider that this model introduces users to a computerized competitor to race against. The sliding seat feature on the Verso R-400 enables exercisers to get the benefit of an upper and lower body workout simultaneously.

Concept 2 Concept Model D Rower

At a higher price point of $1000, you can buy a rower that claims to be the model all others are measured against. The Model D Rower offers users several useful features; one of the coolest is that the rower can be easily separated into two pieces without the use of tools, enabling easy storage in small spaces. Since you’ll be rowing indoors, the machine is designed to deliver the quietest possible workout while maintaining maximum resistance. The Concept 2 Concept Model D Rower simulates the feel of rowing on the water and is used to train competitive rowers. It comes equipped with a performance monitor.

Stamina ATS Air Rower

The steel constructed Stamina Air Rower is designed with durability in mind. Of course it is also intended to be conducive to a long, intense workout (just consider its name). One feature of the ATS Rower that supports the stamina of its user is its super-sized, moldable seat that was constructed to enable comfort, especially during long sessions. Function is also built into the Stamina rower; it easily folds for storage, and is wheel mounted for simple transport. Utilizing wind resistance to deliver a smooth experience, the price is pretty nice at around $500. Just keep in mind that you will only get a small monitor that provides basic stats.

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