3 Great Blade Lures

By Justin Graves , last updated January 13, 2012

When it comes to shopping for blade lures, there are three great products that stand out above all the rest. Whether you are dealing with murky waters that have received recent rains or waters that simply have poor visibility, blade baits can be a great way to attract hard-to-find fish. In fact, blade lures are some of the best items you can use when the water is unclear and clouded. Unlike some other big products, these lures can cut through the water and create a shimmer that is likely to catch the eye of nearby fish. Similarly, these baits can also create a vibration that is attractive to fish as well. Generally, you'll want to contact the bottom of the water from time to time with the blade lures to keep them active while jigging here and there.

The first item on our list of great blade lures is the Binsky Vibrating Blade Bait. This item can be easily cast in and reeled in or it can be vertically jigged. With a mirror like finish and a detailed redeye, this lure is sure to grab the attention of surrounding fish. The lure itself is designed to resemble a smaller fish with its action and movement. The Binsky is also created to give you a better feel in deeper waters. In other words, if a fish strikes or nibbles on the lure, you should have no trouble detecting it. You can use this blade lure throughout the year in shallow or deep water. So, if you're looking for a sensitive blade lure that will allow you to go as deep as you want, then you'll seriously want to consider purchasing the Binsky.

The next product on our list is the XPS Lazer Blade Lure from Bass Pro Shops. This lure has received dozens and dozens of positive customer reviews through the official Bass Pro Shops website. This item comes in a wide variety of different colors such as gold and black, nickel blue, fire tiger, gold, black, and nickel black. You can also purchase the lure and links between one and 1/2 inches and two and 1/2 inches. With holographic tape, these blade lures are excellent for attracting bass and other fish. When jigged vertically through the water, these lures are designed to really shimmer and shine. Also, these lures use high-quality Sharp Mustad wide gap treble hooks.

Finally, we have the Berkley Power Bait Blade Dancer. This lure can be purchased through the official Cabela’s website. It is designed to dart and dance through the water with extreme ease. With this lure, the fish will be unable to help themselves from going after the lure. This product comes in a bright red color. It is great for catching trout, panfish, and larger fish. You'll also be able to experiment with a variety of different reeling techniques when using this blade lure. Overall, these three products comprise some of the best blade lures you will find on the market today. Don't be afraid to mix and match them to maximize your day’s catch.

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