3 Great Fly Fishing DVDs

By Ted Rollins , last updated January 31, 2012

It's often difficult to shop for those with very specific interests like fishing, as in all likelihood top anglers buy everything they want without needing to ask for gifts; that said, some small items like DVDs can be fun presents they might not buy themselves. You can find fly fishing DVDs ranging from instructional videos to narrative films about the joys of the fly fishing experience.

Successful Fly Fishing Strategies

This popular fly fishing video should be of use to nearly any level of angler, as it discusses both beginner and pro tips for a variety of different fly fishing environments. The video covers nine types of water ranging from tiny to massive, demonstrates different indicators fly fisherman can use and also provides great stories from big catches over the years. Reviewers claim the hosts Gary and Dick also make for a humorous duo. This one currently goes for about $30 at Amazon.

Once In A Blue Moon: The Flyfishing Adventure of a Lifetime

This narrative DVD, which is available from Charting Nature, focuses on one fly fishing trip that one man took in southern New Zealand. Combining both the history of fly fishing with a strong personal story, this video has been a hit in the angling community. While the video clocks in at a short 38 minutes, it's one that's likely to be watched time and time again.

Fly Fishing - The World

This is a great option if you're looking for a Fly Fishing DVD on a budget, as it now goes for less than $7 at Overstock. The video features a ton of celebrities on their fishing trips, including Liam Neeson, model Niki Taylor, and even Henry Winkler, all joined by ESPN host John Barrett. The two disc set includes trips all over the world and makes for a fun package non-fishers can enjoy too.

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