3 Great Goggles for Snowboarders

By Shannon C , last updated December 21, 2011

Finding three great goggles for snowboarders can give you a great variety of different snowboarder goggles to choose from and help you become more aware of all the features a great pair of snowboarding goggles have to offer. With great manufacturers like Zeal, Oakley, and Smith to choose from, you can be sure of finding just the right pair of snowboarder goggles for your next snow adventure. Learn about these three great goggles for snowboarders and select the pair of goggles that is the best fit for your budget, preferences, and snowboarding needs.

LL Bean Smith Optics I/O Goggles

The Smith Optics I/O Goggles, sold at LL Bean, offer the very latest in rimless goggle technology married together with a sleek design and signature Quick Release Lens System that gives you expanded functionality in different light conditions. The Quick Release Lens System offers super-fast lens changing, and offers you two different types of high performance lenses: one for lower light conditions and one for brighter light conditions. The lens pairs offer distortion-free vision using Smith Optics Spherical Carbonic-X technology. Best of all, the Vaporator Lens Technology reduces lens fogging by increasing the ventilation behind your glasses. You can get this great pair of snowboarder goggles from LL Bean for $159 and shipping is free.

Oakley Shaun White Signature Series Polarized Splice Snow Goggles

Oakley's Shaun White Signature Series Polarized Splice Snow Goggles are designed to fit medium to large facial shapes well. These signature series snow goggles offer quite simply the top of the line in snowboarder goggles, with frames that feature a triple layer of moisture wicking polar fleece foam, Oakley's trademark Flexible O Matter frame chassis with a quick-changer strap attachment that is optional, a guaranteed balanced fit, whether you are wearing a helmet or not, and expanded peripheral vision. High Definition Optics Oakley lenses are interchangeable for different light conditions and the semi-flush lens technology improves visibility in the downward direction as well. Best of all, the Iridium lens coating ensures a balanced light transmission through the Plutonite coated protective lenses that filter out dangerous ultraviolet rays. You can get this great pair of goggles for snowboarders from Oakely for $240 plus shipping.

Zeal Z3 GPS SPPX Polarized Photochromic Snow Goggles

The Zeal Z3 GPS SPPX Polarized Photochromic Snow Goggles are designed in attractive matte gold and black with an inbuilt GPS system that offers speed, distance, altitude, navigation, communication, and real-time tracking. While the graphics are easy to read, they will not obstruct your vision as you are snowboarding and there is no need to change lenses because the inbuilt photochromic technology automatically adjusts the lenses for different light conditions. You get expanded all-around vision with the spherical lens design and the passive airflow system reduces the likelihood of fogging on the lenses. The No Fog lens treatment is also infused into the inner layer of the lens for extra protection against fogging. With an inbuilt temperature and barometer meter, chronometer, time, odometer, and other features, at $549.95 these snow goggles earn every penny.

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