3 Great Kickboxing Gloves

By Ted Rollins , last updated January 5, 2012

If you've just taken up kickboxing as a new hobby, your first goal should be finding a new pair of great kickboxing gloves. While there aren't a ton of kickboxing glove-manufacturers out there, you shouldn't have a problem finding a top pair in your price range. All of the following should prove sufficient for beginners, while the top models may not be necessary for all but the professionals.

TITLE Gel Aerobic Boxing Gloves

TITLE is one of the biggest names in both boxing and kickboxing gloves, and this model is a top pick among their budget options. The Gel Aerobic comes in pink, white, or red and has a neoprene and vinyl polyurethane body. The Gel Aerobic gets its name from its gel enforced lining, which helps make for a custom fit every time you put them on. There's also a moisture wicking lining and an adjustable wrist strap with hook and loop closures. You can buy the gloves today from TITLE Boxing for just $40.

Everlast Women's 6-Ounce Leather Kickboxing Gloves

These grey kickboxing gloves are available now from Walmart for $50. All of the top boxers wear Everlast gloves, and with good reason; this model combines the aesthetics of Everlast gloves with the lightweight build kickboxers seek out. This one has a unique anatomical grip with an 18 inch hook and loop wrist closure for an extra-secure fit. They have a premium leather exterior and come in two sizes.

Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Weighted Gloves

These high-end kickboxing gloves have the added benefit of removable weights, which you can use in your training to increase your power and strength. The Tri-Techs are a heavier glove and come with 16 removable 5 ounce weights, which slide into the wrist and force you to carry more weight through your hands. They have a full grain leather body, a moisture wicking lining, and a nylon mesh palm insert to boot.

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