3 Great MMA Workout DVDs

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated December 15, 2011

The guys who compete in mixed martial arts fights are usually pretty secretive about their training, but if you're interested in tips from the pros, there are a couple of great MMA workout DVDs you can try. Not every guy can afford to join a boxing gym or take martial arts lessons, especially from MMA's most famous fighters. If you're on a budget, but you want to train, a DVD could be just the thing. Even if you aren't planning to actually kick anyone's butt anytime soon, and you just want a really tough workout that is fun to do and will give you great results, any of these DVDs, which can be found on Amazon.com, might be for you.

Bas Rutten MMA System Workout

Bas Rutten is a world renowned Dutch MMA artist who specialized in karate, taekwondo, and muay Thai. Before he retired in 1999, he was the Ultimate Fighting Championship's Heavyweight Champion and he had a 22 fight undefeated streak. After he retired, he became famous for his personality and charisma and has had a ton of work in movies, television, and even video games. His CD/DVD set, the Bas Rutten MMA System Workout, is probably the most popular out of all of the MMA workout DVDs with people who actually fight. This set includes four CDs, covering boxing, Thai boxing, all around fighting, and all around workout. It also includes an instructional DVD and a manual. This collection provides several really intense workouts that each total about 30 minutes. Most of the workouts involve punches and kicks, so the collection is really better suited to people who have a little bit of training under their belts and who know to some extent what they are doing.

The Pit Workout

The Pit Workout is John Hackelman's two DVD set that contains a three day workout, which is more appropriate for people new to MMA. If you're just getting started with MMA, and you don't know if you want to join a gym, give these DVDs a try. They come with an upper body, lower body, and full body workout, each about an hour long. You are supposed to do one per day. The workouts are extremely easy to follow and you'll watch as Hackelman, three other guys, and two women throw punches, knees and kicks. There's even information on wrapping your hands, stretching, and warming up. The workouts are tough, but not impossible for beginners. You can make your workout even more challenging by adding a heavy bag.

Georges St. Pierre's Rushfit

Welterweight fighter Georges St. Pierre's Rushfit is more of a conditioning set than a training set, but if you're looking to get into excellent shape, you should try this workout. This collection is a six DVD set where you get seven workouts, three training calendars, a nutrition guide, and a workout guide. The whole program takes eight weeks and there are over 550 minutes of strength, endurance, and core training workouts on the DVDs. You can buy these DVDs separately or as a collection. You can tell that this workout is tough because Georges St. Pierre can barely keep up with his trainer Erik Owings' demands.

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