3 Great Reels for Deep Sea Fishermen

By Sam Feeder , last updated December 26, 2011

Great reels for deep sea fishing will pay off, as you will need heavy duty fishing equipment to possibly pull that massive beast of a fish from the deep who will one day hit your line. The governing philosophy when it comes to deep sea fishing is that it's better to have equipment that can handle a massive fish, and then lose that massive fish to your equipment breaking. So if you are a serious deep sea fisherman and are trying to hook something that will fill a lot of wall space when you mount it, you will probably want to invest in one of the 3 great reels for deep sea fishing listed below, so that one won't get away.

Penn Special Senator

The Penn Special Senator is a favorite deep sea fishing reel, as it is a classic brand in the deep sea fishing world and is also surprisingly affordable for the high quality of reel that you get. It carries 375 yards of line on it, meaning you can cast and troll and incredible distance behind your deep sea fishing boat as you ride along the shelf where some of those bigger deep sea predators loom. There is also a high speed retrieval built into the Penn Special Senator reel which will help your bait move at lightning speed and a weight and durability that will keep the reel from breaking when pulled hard in the opposite direction. The ball bearings inside the wheel are also made from stainless steel so that there will be no corrosion due to repeated exposure to salt water.

Okuma Catalina Casting Reel

The Okuma Catalina is another well-recognized brand in the deep sea fishing world and is made to be s durable as possible, with the worst weather scenarios always in mind. In other words, it will take years of abuse by weather and owner for this reel to show any signs of serious damage. The outside of the reel has an anodized aluminum frame for strength and corrosion protection. There is a stainless steel drag system which allows fisherman to set the drag quickly and easily, something that is integral for keeping big fish on the hook. What makes the Okuma Catalina most unique, however, is the extra large gearbox that has been attached at an angle so that it doesn't get in your way when you are in the heat of battle with a big fish.

Accurate 2 Speed Boss Extreme BX2 Reel

Unlike most deep sea fishing reels, the BX2 is surprisingly sleek and unassuming. However, it still has the strength of big deep sea fishing reels despite its compact frame and can bring in just about any fish you encounter in the deeper ocean. This is done through a nifty twin drag system that will keep those big fish from thrashing free. The gear shaft provides plenty of torque as well, making this small deep sea fishing reel all-around tough. Most importantly, the BX2 establishes a new look for deep sea fishing reels, allowing them to have a certain sleekness that has been missing from the heavy duty deep sea fishing world. Call it a trendsetter, perhaps.

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