3 Great Skis for Children

By Erik Neilson , last updated January 1, 2012

When it comes to shopping for skis for your children, it’s important to ensure that you do everything possible to make the right purchase. After all, there are a variety of different types of skis on the market, some of which are far more suitable for children than others. Choosing the right children’s skis is especially important if your child is a beginner, as the right pair of skis can make or break one’s ability to learn how to ski properly. Fortunately, there are some children’s skis on the market that stand above the rest. The following are three great skis for children, all of which are ideal for those who are just beginning to explore the mountain.

My First Dynastar Team Speed

For those who are hoping to teach their young children how to ski, choosing a beginner’s ski is of the utmost importance, as some children’s skis are suitable only for those with intermediate to advanced abilities. In such a case, Dynastar’s My First Dynastar Team Speed is an excellent option, as it is perfectly suited for those who have never stepped into a pair of skis before. Featuring cap construction, fiberglass laminate, and a microcell core, My First Dynastar Team Speed offers the utmost in quality construction without making anything inaccessible. This is the perfect ski for children who are enrolled in ski programs that teach techniques such as “wedging” and “french-frying.” Furthermore, these skis will typically last until the child reaches five years of age.

K2 Indy

As far as brands in the ski industry go, K2 has one of the best reputations one could ever ask for. For children who have already learned a few of the basics, it can make a world of difference to move up to a slightly more advanced ski, in which case K2’s Indy model makes for the perfect option. These skis, which are also available for girls as K2 Love Bugs, are perfect for those who are looking to flex their downhill abilities. K2 Indy skis utilize the company’s Noodle Ski Technology, which results in a thinner core to the ski, allowing for the utmost in control, flexibility, and comfort. Available with or without bindings, K2 Indy skis are not the least expensive on the market, but they serve as an excellent option for those who are trying to help their children take their skiing to the next level.

Volkl Mantra Junior

Once you child has become adept at the basics of skiing, it’s wise to move up to an advanced ski. The Volkl Mantra Junior is an excellent choice for those who have developed advanced to expert abilities. This ski features some of the best construction of skis in its price range. It features a wider construction than most other skis designed for juniors, as well as vertical sidewalls, a wood core, torsion box design, and more. The Mantra Junior’s directional twin-tip construction makes it ideal for cruising through powder or careening over moguls. At $159 (without bindings), this ski is an excellent value given the quality of its construction.

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