3 Great Snow Shoes

By Shannon C , last updated December 21, 2011

If you are planning to engage in snow sports this winter season, you will want to have a selection of at least three great snow shoes to choose from so you can get the best fit for your needs. Some brands of snow shoes may fit you better than other brands, so it is important to give yourself a selection of great snow shoes to choose from so you know what feels best. Learn about these three great snow shoes and decide which type best fits your preferences, winter snow activities, and budget.

LL Bean Women's Tubbs Flex Snowshoes ALP 22

The LL Bean women's Tubbs flex snowshoes model ALP 22 offer carbon crampons with steel toes and outstanding traction with their signature side traction rails. Designed in attractive, highly visible sea blue with a black binding, these flex snowshoes offer Active Lift heel technology that helps when you are trying ascend in icy or slippery slope areas. These great LL Bean women's Tubbs flex snowshoes are as easy to put on as they are to take off, and are one size fits all. You can order these great snow shoes from LL Bean's online store for $219.95 and shipping is free.

MSR Evo Snow Shoes

The MSR Evo snow shoes are 22 inches long and feature Evo's PosiLock AT binding system that integrates traction with balance and adapts to a variety of different terrains and snow conditions. These snow shoes feature a two-piece design that will fasten securely to any type of snow boot and move with you wherever you choose to go. The crampons feature a pivot function that helps you to maneuver and turn with greater ease and efficiency, and the frame features a unibody design that integrates modular floatation in with the televator pull function to keep you stable and secure. You can learn more and purchase these great MSR Evo show shoes from the Amazon online store for $139.95 and shipping is free.

Atlas 1025 Snowshoe

The Atlast 1025 snow shoe comes in an attractive black and caramel (taupe) color design and is one size fits all. The Atlas 1025 snow shoe features V-frame technology that helps you to save energy by more efficient, less snow-heavy foot placement as you walk. These all terrain snow shoes have spring-loaded suspension that conform to your natural foot movement and the crampons do more of the work for you as you walk by deeply penetrating the surrounding snow. Best of all, these great snow shoes feature a Heel Lift bar to prevent exhaustion and cramping in your calf muscles and keep your footing secure even in changing terrain. The Wrapp Swift binding combined with the toe locator and protective EVA foam padding combines with the cinching straps for a truly customized fit that help you to stay warm and dry above as your snow shoes take the brunt of the cold, wet, conditions for you. You can learn more and order these great Atlast 1025 snow shoes from Zappos online for $240 and shipping is free.

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